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Mah-Jong Teachers and Courses in the UK

Give details of a Mah-Jong course in the UK

Here is a list of known Mah-Jong teachers and venus which are running (or have run) courses in the UK with  information about how to make contact and, when known, the rules being taught.


All types of Mah-Jong are included   (not just BMJA rules).

Give details of a Mah-Jong teacher

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Place advertisement for a Mah-Jong teacher

NB.   Only public places are shown, not home addresses (unless specifically requested).

         Email addresses are protected from spam using a technique described  here.     

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Northern Ireland

Information shown

Web Site  /  Enrol  will take you to web site associated with the location / course

(where you can usually find out more information; who to contact, cost, etc.)

The address of the place where the course is being run

Map  will take you to a Google Maps location

The rules taught      e.g.  BMJA rules

Contact name, phone number and email address  (click on                )

The date the information was found / supplied    e.g.   [Jun 10]

Click on a region  to show the teachers and courses in that region, in post code order

Click on a post code prefix  to take you to any teachers and courses in that area

Postal regions in the UK and Ireland

When the course is being taught (or was taught)

(when known)

At the moment the information is very sparse.  This is perhaps to be expected as most people learn Mah-Jong at home or in clubs.  So if you want to learn the game, contacting a club is possibly the best option.  Detailed information about clubs in the UK can be found  here.   However, you can advertise for a teacher  here.


The listing of the teachers and courses is organised by postal region.


Some teachers are willing to travel outside of their postal regions and are listed again, separately,  here.

Mah-Jong teachers in the UK who are willing to travel

Some teachers of Mah-Jong are willing to travel outside of their postal region  (defined as the first 2 characters of their postal code).

The list is organised by postal district.

South East  -   HP  (Hemel Hempstead)

Brenda Laidow     07775 652 956     

Teaches BMJA rules.  Lives in Beaconsfield, Bucks.

Just returned from abroad

[May 11]

South East  -   PO  (Portsmouth)

Linda Nyman     02392 231 736     07949 534 700     

Teaches BMJA rules.  Lives near Waterlooville.

Prepared to teach all over the country as long as it is worth her travelling for a large distance and she can cover her expenses

[Jly 10]

South West  -  EX  (Exeter)

Roz Williams     

Teaches BMJA rules

Would consider giving weekend (or 2 day mid-week) courses elsewhere

[Jly 10]


Dr Xuzhuang Li     

Teaches Classical Chinese rules. Lives in Exeter.

Willing to teach elsewhere at weekends and during university holidays

[Jly 10]

South West  -  SP  (Andover)

Jez Jameson     

Teaches BMJA, Chinese Official & Riichi rules

I am currently teaching friends living nearby and anyone who is interested.

[Nov 10]

Wales  -  CF  (Cardiff)

Silke Casey     01446 792 314     

Teaches BMJA rules.  Lives in Llantwit Major.  

Willing to teach elsewhere by arrangement.

[Dec 14]

Will travel   means teacher is prepared to travel outside of postal district

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Please note that the information in this section is no longer being maintained