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Seven pairs of tiles, with the same numbers in any two of the suits. No Winds or Dragons. Duplicate pairs are allowed.

Score when fishing:  200 points.

Knitting hand

Triple Knitting

Four sets of three tiles, with the same numbers in the 3 different suits, plus a pair of same numbers. 

No Winds or Dragons.

Score when fishing:  200 points.

Triple knitting hand

Scoring 500 Points

All Pair Honours

Seven pairs of Ones / Nines / Winds / Dragons.

All pair honours

Score when fishing:  200 points.

Special hands are unusual combinations of tiles which also allow the player to declare Mah-Jong. Some need to remain concealed until fully formed. Others, which incorporate pungs and kongs, need not.

By their nature, they are difficult to get and the beginner is perhaps wise to ignore them at first.

What constitutes a special hand  has been a particular source of controversy within the game.


The following are recognised by the BMJA.

Doubling Three Times


Pungs / Kongs of any one suit and a pair. No Winds, Dragons or chows.

Score when fishing:  Double three times.

Purity hand

The basic score is doubled 3 times.

This does not include any points for Flowers or Seasons,



Tile Classification

       Minor Tiles

       Major Tiles

       Honour Tiles

       Bonus Tiles


Working out the Players’ Scores


       Calculating the Basic Score



Special Hands

       Doubling Three Times

       Scoring 500 Points

       Scoring 1,000 Points


Example Hands

       Mah-Jong Hands

       Non-Winning Hands


Settling Up

       Paying the Winner

       Paying the Other Players

       Doubling for East Wind and the Limit

       Example Payments

       An Alternative Method of Paying


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© Gwyn Headley & Yvonne Seeley / KTG Mah-Jong
© Gwyn Headley & Yvonne Seeley / KTG Mah-Jong

which are counted and doubled separately.  See  Doubling and Special Hands.

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