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Minor Tiles

These are the suit tiles numbered 2 to 8.

They are the least valuable of the tiles.

Major Tiles

These are the suit tiles numbered 1 and 9.  A set of Major tiles scores twice the points of an equivalent set of Minor tiles.

Honour Tiles

Honour tiles are the Dragons and Winds.  They are also Major tiles, but are more valuable again as sets of these are able to double your score.  A set of Dragons always doubles your score.

A set of Wind tiles - if your own - will double your score.  A set of East Winds (as the prevailing wind) will double your score unconditionally and is especially valuable to the player who is East Wind as it gives him two doubles.

Bonus Tiles

These are the Flowers and Seasons. They give bonus points as well being capable of doubling your score when you have one which is associated with your Wind.  A complete set of Flowers or Seasons (known as a Bouquet) also doubles your score.

The Winds - East, South, West and North - are associated with the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 shown on the Flower and Season tiles.  

The tiles can be classified into four types; Minor tiles, Major tiles, Honour tiles and Bonus tiles.

These types bestow differing scoring capabilities.

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Minor tiles
Major tiles
Honour tiles
Bonus tiles



Tile Classification

       Minor Tiles

       Major Tiles

       Honour Tiles

       Bonus Tiles


Working out the Players’ Scores


       Calculating the Basic Score



Special Hands

       Doubling Three Times

       Scoring 500 Points

       Scoring 1,000 Points


Example Hands

       Mah-Jong Hands

       Non-Winning Hands


Settling Up

       Paying the Winner

       Paying the Other Players

       Doubling for East Wind and the Limit

       Example Payments

       An Alternative Method of Paying

The acquisition of bonus tiles is down to pure luck.

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