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Suggested Rule

This is a rule that is NOT part of the game described by the British Mah-Jong Association.  


Rather, it is one of those home grown variations which I am reluctant to lose sight of and which, I think, improves the game, making it easier to collect a more ambitious Mah-Jong hand.

Picking up the discarded tile

The essence of the rule is that the player to the right of the player discarding a tile can pick up that tile, provided it has not been claimed by a  pung,  kong  or  Mah-Jong  from another player.


The tile so acquired can then be used as if it had been picked up from the wall, except that it cannot be used to convert an exposed pung into an exposed kong.


The Game


The Aim of the Game

       General Strategy


Preparing to Play

       Distribute the Tallies

       Determine who is N, S, E, and W Wind

       Determine the Prevailing Wind

       Shuffle the Tiles

       Build the Walls

       Break into one Wall

       The Kong Box

       Deal out the Tiles

       Select out any Flower or Season Tiles


Playing the Game

       Starting the Game

       Collecting Sets

       Special Hands

       Obtaining a New Tile

       Claiming the Discarded Tile

       Flower and Season Tiles

       Concealed Sets

       Converting a Pung to a Kong

       One for Mah-Jong

       Robbing the Kong

       Finishing the Game


Variations of Play

       The Goulash

       The Game for 2 Players

       The Game for 3 Players

       The Game for 5 Players

       Suggested Rule

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The player who has picked up the tile can use it to form a concealed chow, pung or kong


There will never be a need to claim a  chow   

(since a chow previously could only be claimed by the player to the right of the discarder)


Picking up a discarded tile may give other players some insight into what is being collected


The player who discards a tile needs to be wary of what he may be offering the player to his right


Collecting a Special Hand, although still difficult, becomes easier


A session tends to take longer to play out

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© 2008   Peter Gregory
© 2008   Peter Gregory
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