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Deal out the Tiles

Select out any Flower or Season Tiles

The tiles after dealing
The tiles before play

East Wind starts this process, followed by South Wind, West Wind then North Wind.

Each player then arranges his tiles in the tile rack so they cannot be seen by anyone else.

He finally takes one extra tile for himself.

East Wind deals out one more tile to each player following the same dealing sequence.

This is done 3 times, dealing to East Wind, South Wind, West Wind and North Wind in turn.

At this point each player should have 12 tiles.

East Wind receives 14 tiles and the other players 13 each.

East Wind deals out the tiles starting with himself.

Tiles are dealt by (East Wind) 4 at a time, beginning at the start point.

If anyone has any flower or season tiles then these need to be laid on the table and replaced by tiles from the kong box.

Should another flower or season be picked from the wall then this is laid out too, and replaced immediately from the kong box.

This shows the state of the game just before the first tile is discarded by East Wind

The Game


The Aim of the Game

       General Strategy


Preparing to Play

       Distribute the Tallies

       Determine who is N, S, E, and W Wind

       Determine the Prevailing Wind

       Shuffle the Tiles

       Build the Walls

       Break into one Wall

       The Kong Box

       Deal out the Tiles

       Select out any Flower or Season Tiles


Playing the Game

       Starting the Game

       Collecting Sets

       Special Hands

       Obtaining a New Tile

       Claiming the Discarded Tile

       Flower and Season Tiles

       Concealed Sets

       Converting a Pung to a Kong

       One for Mah-Jong

       Robbing the Kong

       Finishing the Game


Variations of Play

       The Goulash

       The Game for 2 Players

       The Game for 3 Players

       The Game for 5 Players

       Suggested Rule

Moving the live wall in like this makes it easier to reach for the tiles

The kong box or dead wall (now minus three tiles)

East Wind gets an extra tile

13 tiles are dealt to each player

Tiles are dealt from the end of the live wall

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Any Flower or Season tiles are exposed

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