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               Season Tiles

The Season tiles illustration is thought to depict the Four Arts of the Chinese Scholar:

1     Zither (a stringed instrument)

2     Board Game  (Go / Weiqi)

3     Calligraphy

4     Painting

A more typical variation is:

1     Fisher

2     Woodcutter

3     Farmer

4     Scholar


There are 4 Red Dragons, 4 Green Dragons and 4 White Dragons.  White Dragons are traditionally denoted by a blank tile and sometimes by a rectangle.  All Dragons are Honour tiles.


There are 4 East Winds, 4 West Winds, 4 North Winds and 4 South Winds.  East Wind has special significance.

Winds are sequenced as follows: 1 East,  2 South,  3 West,  4 North.  By this sequence, East and West are the opposite of our world view.   All Winds are Honour tiles.

Flowers and Seasons

There are 4 Flower tiles and 4 Season tiles, numbered 1 to 4. This number associates the tile with the wind of the same number.  The depiction of flowers and seasons varies between sets.  Note that in the Flower tiles shown below, Bamboo and Chrysanthemum are not in the normal order.


1     Plum


2     Orchid  (Lily)


3     Bamboo  (normally 4)


4      Chrysanthemum  (normally 3)

1     Spring


2     Summer


3     Autumn


4     Winter


Some sets also have 4 joker  tiles. These are “wild” and are used to replace the 2 of Bamboos in a special form of the game called the “goulash”.

Plain Tiles

Most sets have 4 spare plain tiles of use when a tile is lost.



The Tiles






       Flowers and Seasons

       Plain Tiles






       Wind Discs and the Tong Box


Red Dragon

White Dragon

Green Dragon

     1                2                3              4

East Wind

South Wind

West Wind

North Wind

The four winds

Plain tile

The three dragons
Four flower tiles
Four season tiles
A plain tiles
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© 2008   Peter Gregory
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