British Rules

Order Form for Printed Version of eBook / Laminated Playing Aid Card


If you live in the UK  it’s possible to order a printed version of the eBook  and/or  Playing Aid.


The book  (80 A4 pages) contains the same detailed explanation and illustrations as the web site, but now - in it’s second edition - has doubled in size with two new chapters, one on Mah-Jong strategy and the other on FAQs - answers to questions that I have been asked about the BMJA  rules over the years since the website was launched. In addition there is a scoring sheet and a page  describing the highest possible Mah-Jong score one could obtain - if you ignored the 1,000 point limit.



The Playing Aid (or Aide-Mémoire) is available separately as a laminated card.  It’s a handy reference for tile recognition, the special hands and scoring.




Please use the form below to request an order form.   (You can order the book, the card, or both - any number)

Please email me an order form for the printed version of eBook / Aide-Mémoire

The book costs  £12   (including UK postage & packaging)

The laminated Aide-Mémoire card costs  £2   (plus UK postage & packaging)

Only available in UK

Please allow time for the form to be processed.   There may be a delay if I am on holiday.