British Rules

Internet Explorer version

Explains how to:

              Make sure you have administrative authority

              Check Adobe Reader and install the latest version, if you need to

              Download, save and open the eBook

Opera version

It helps

to print these guides

Detailed Step by Step Guides

The first thing to do is simply to try the free download of the sample eBook. It will probably work OK.


But if you are really not sure about downloading and buying the eBook, or have tried to and encountered some problems, use these step by step guides. They are PDF documents which you can print out and so follow more easily.  Click on the buttons to download the guides.

Explains how to:

              Open the eBook and start the purchase

              Login to PayPal or use your own card

              Activate your eBook so that you can read the complete book

Explains how to:

              Print the eBook

              Bind the book

              Create the easy reference Aide-Mémoire

Mozilla Firefox version

Help with any problems

If you have problems opening your eBook protected by Secure-eBook

or did not succeed in activating it, you will find the required assistance here.

The most frequent problems and situations are described and should help you activate your eBook properly.

“eBook opens with a blank page”

This can happen when Adobe Reader is not fully installed on your computer or if your Adobe Reader installation is corrupted.

Try here if the Secure-eBook help doesn’t answer your problem

More Help with the eBook

Click to download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Click here to download the latest

FREE  Adobe Reader

if you don’t already have it installed

Install Adobe Reader

If you are unable to see a guide

or you get a pop-up saying

Do you want to save this file,

or find a program online to open it?

You do not have Adobe Reader  installed