British Rules
A gentle introduction to the game
The Game
Examples of sets and advice about where to buy them
Mah-Jong sites, their content, and an indication of how interesting it is
Mah-Jong clubs, organisations and other contacts
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Mah-Jong teachers and courses in the UK
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The book contains the same information and illustrations found in this web site, but in addition has chapters on Mah-Jong strategy and FAQs - answers to the many questions I have been asked about the BMJA rules.

© 2009   Peter Gregory
© 2009   Peter Gregory



The eBook version is no longer available as the Secure-ebook software has been discontinued.


If you purchased an ebook it will continue to run on your PC, but you will not be able to transfer it to a different device.


Do not try to de-activate it.

Playing Aid

You can also purchase a laminated, two-sided Playing Aid which is very useful to have to hand as a reference when playing the game.

Text Only

(80 A4 pages)




Learning the Game by Stages

The Game


Mah-Jong Strategy

Mah-Jong FAQs    

Highest Mah-Jong Score   


Scoring Sheet


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